Add ‘Emotion Lotion’ to your presentations

January 22, 2019 - 4:40 pm

“Emotion Lotion” is what composer Quincy Jones calls music he creates to add moods and feelings to films.

I’m not suggesting you add soundtracks to presentations. But I do recommend adding Emotion Lotion in the form of stories and examples that reach hearts as well as minds of audiences.

Facts + Feelings.
Facts, figures and flowcharts are fine, but they often don’t take us to the finish line with acceptance of ideas. Somewhere in there we need to elicit an emotional response.

That’s because “data is soulless,” as Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment., told BestLife website.

Emotion = Involvement.
“I once heard Nelson Mandela talk to a group of very influential folks about investing in South Africa,” said Guber. “Not once did he mention rates of return, gross profits or tax benefits. He simply told the story of his country. When investors left the room, they were abuzz with the impact their investments would have on future generations.

“That’s another key to effective storytelling. Make your listeners feel not only generous but also like the heroes of a great story.”

Of course, decision makers will always demand and deserve facts and figures. But for best results, augment hard data with Emotion Lotion — related stories and examples that bring your ideas to life.

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