One good idea is all you need to change your life; this book shows how to find it.

Brian Tracy,
Author of Getting Rich Your Own Way

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IdeaSpotting will help get your creativity on the fast track. The book’s real-world examples and practical action steps will help you find fresh inspiration and big ideas again and again.

“Exercise for the brain is as important as exercise for the body. Sam Harrison stretches your mental muscles in a way you’ll never forget.”
Al Ries, Chairman of Ries and Ries and author of Battle in the Boardroom

“If the best way to find a good idea is to find lots of ideas, then here’s the best guide book I know of for your hunt.”
Brian Collins, founder and CEO of COLLINS Design NYC

“Great graphic design, good anecdotes and good advice. A lot of anecdotes and quotations I’ve never seen anywhere else. If you’re an experienced creativity expert, you’ll probably find the most things you don’t know already in IdeaSpotting.”
Dr. Keith Sawyer, innovation consultant and author of Group Genius.

IdeaSpotting will help you through any creative slump. Dive in anywhere!”
Sam Potts, president, Sam Potts Design Inc. NYC

This 256-page book is packed with quotes, anecdotes and tips from dozens of creative people in dozens of arenas – design, writing, advertising, photography, architecture, entertainment, science and other creative fields.

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