Creative Zing! 

Sam’s latest book features fresh insights and advice, techniques and examples for having a creative career and life—along with suggestions on how to effectively present your ideas to decision makers. Like Sam’s previous books, content is presented in digestible single-page messages for on-the-go people!

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ideaselling_book_cover IdeaSelling 

This energetic 256-page book features eye-catching, single-page messages and easy-to-use worksheets – much like the popular format of Sam’s two best-selling books, IdeaSpotting and Zing!.

You’ll want to read IdeaSelling straight through – then keep it on your desk as a handy reference for every pitch!

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idea_book_cover IdeaSpotting 

IdeaSpotting will help get your creativity on the fast track. The book’s real-world examples and practical action steps will help you find fresh inspiration and big ideas again and again.

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zing_book_cover zing! 

Use this five-step creative process to find big ideas sizzling with zing. And deliver those ideas on time.  This 156-page guide will help that happen for you again and again.  From zero to zing in five steps.

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