Coaching & Training

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Personal attention for specific issues.

Do you or perhaps a member of your team need personal coaching or training with a specific challenge? Or maybe you have a very small group of folks who need extra attention with a particular problem or skill. If so, Sam can help. He has a solid business, creativity and communications background, coupled with real-world leadership experience and coaching studies at Cornell University.

Presentation Training and Coaching

Want to polish your presentation and speaking skills or improve those of a team member? Need help improving pitching skills on ideas and opinions? Let Sam help build confidence, strengthen skills and make presentations powerful, compelling and effective.

Writing Training and Coaching

Writing helps us articulate our thoughts and communicate them to important audiences and stakeholders. Sam works with individuals and small groups to help make their writing more professional, conversational and persuasive.

Creativity Coaching

Sometimes it’s hard for a person to stay inspired when caught up in the day-to-day grind. Or maybe there’s a struggle with collaborating, brainstorming or being part of a creative team. Sam can help coach and guide individuals on a short-term or on-going basis to boost creativity, build confidence and find solutions to issues and barriers.

Brainstorming Facilitation

Brainstorming works best when an experienced, professional facilitator sets guidelines and encourages input — plus keeps sessions energetic, focused and productive. See if Sam can facilitate your next brainstorm to have more ideas in less time.