Sample Topics

Here are several of Sam’s topics — and each can be customized to meet your goals and needs. Hire him to share his inspiration and insights at your next meeting, conference or retreat. Or have him provide an in-house session for your team.

Sam’s sessions are uplifting, energetic and packed with real-world information. Your participants will start using his tips and tools the very next day!

You’ll soon see why his presentations consistently receive enthusiastic responses and glowing reviews!


“Add ZING! to Your Creativity!”
Talk or Workshop
Five vital factors can help you consistently spark big ideas and live a more creative life. Based on Sam’s first book, ZING! Five steps and 101 tips for creativity on command.

“Creative for Life!”
“Creativity Is Your Choice!”
Keynote Talk
Whether we boost or bury our creativity comes down to choices we make each day. This inspiring talk focuses on catalytic choices we can make to stretch ourselves, overcome excuses, get out of ruts and other daily decisions to pump-up creativity and multiply ideas.

Keynote Talk
This talk is perfect for any audience, but especially for audiences composed of those who might be in the doldrums and comfort zones of midlife or beyond — people who need a nudge, along with some real-world suggestions, for adding more creativity and meaning to their life and work.  Sam encourages audience members, giving them permission to do what they have told themselves they can’t do. And he also gives them life habits to say yes to (and a few to say no to) that will move them out of comfort zones and into the Zing Zone of more creative thinking and living.

“Brainstorming Tools, Rules & Fools”
Talk or Workshop
Banish bland, ineffective brainstorming. Discover proven techniques of creative giants. Fun, interactive and packed with tips.

“IdeaSpotting: How To Find Your Next Great Idea”
Talk or Workshop
Based on Sam’s second book, this eye-opening content focuses on personal and organizational ways to explore for fresh insights that lead to new ideas, smarter thinking and more creative living.

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“IdeaSelling: Successfully pitch your ideas to bosses, clients and other decision makers”
Talk or Workshop
Ever had an idea shot down or altered beyond recognition by your boss or client? Sure — we all have. And that’s why this topic is perfect for every group or team. Based on Sam’s third book, this highly popular talk or workshop gives tips and tools for being a stronger presenter and communicator in any situation — along with road-tested techniques for selling ideas to clients, bosses and other decision makers.

“Take the Stage! Sharpen your speaking skills & power-up your presentations”
Talk or Workshop
Sam shares the speaking and presentation practices that have made him an in-demand speaker and highly successful presenter. His techniques and suggestions will help your group or team members stand before any audience with confidence, charisma and poise.

“10 Questions To Accelerate Your Creativity & Amplify Your Life”
Keynote Talk
We thought we had the right answers, but we were asking the wrong questions” goes a U2 lyric. Sam helps audience members make sure they are asking the right questions — questions to ask themselves, their team members and their clients and customers. These 10 empowering questions (along with three powerful suggestions about asking questions) are guaranteed to spot-check and speed-up creativity. And they’ll also help participants live expanded and more rewarding lives.

“Creative ZING in the Team and Workplace”
Talk or Workshop
A  powerful program for creating a more imaginative team and inspiring environment.

“Adding ZING and Muscle to Your Writing”
Talk or Workshop
Help your group members become better communicators by being better writers.  They’ll find creative, persuasive ways to reach readers and deliver messages.


“Wake Up and Zing!”
Keynote or Kickoff Talk
Want to get your meeting, conference or retreat off to an inspiring start? Here’s a robust talk that’s perfect for boosting energy and getting people ready to dive in and take on the day.

“Generate Great Ideas – Before Those Deadlines!”
Keynote or Kickoff Talk
Overviews the dynamic five factors featured in Sam’s books.