Creative Zing!


What is that?

It’s having more and better ideas.

It’s having ideas accepted by others.

It’s having an inspiring, enjoyable life.

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“Don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. Fire up your creativity today—and use this book as your spark.” – DANIEL H. PINK, author of When and Drive

“I cannot recommend a more eye-opening guidebook for someone just starting out on their way to a meaningful creative life or someone who wants to find their way to one.” – BRIAN COLLINS, chief creative officer, COLLINS design consultancy

“In this amaZING book, Sam guides you to learn and apply skills of creativity and communications.” – MICHAEL J. GELB, author of How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

With his talks, coaching and writings, Sam Harrison has inspired and helped thousands of designers, marketers, event planners, PR people, communicators, teachers, students, business leaders and creative professionals.

Sam now brings together a fresh collection of tips, tools and action steps in a concise, inviting book so you can have more ideas—AND get those ideas approved by your clients, bosses and other decision makers.

I’m better because of this book. I don’t know how anyone who reads it wouldn’t be. Sam provides sound counsel and also translates it into applicable action.” – STEFAN MUMAW, author of Creative Boot Camp

Creativity is inherent in all people, but it’s often suppressed by external and internal factors. Sam says that’s why individuals and teams often wind up in the Zombie Zone of boring, weak ideas or in the Zigzag Zone of confusion and unfocused ideas.

Creative Zing! guides readers out of those zones and into a Zing Zone of strong, consistent ideas—and effective presentation of those ideas. By thriving in a creative Zing Zone, readers can have a more imaginative, fulfilling life.

“Sam Harrison steers us off the bland, safe, boring path—equipping us with bite-size tips and micro-actions to add more creative zing to our lives.” – LISA MAULHARDT, chief marketing officer, SY Partners management and design consultancy firm

The book’s content is presented as digestible single-page messages, perfect for on-the-go people in today’s media-saturated world. No fluff to wade through—just quick-hitting suggestions, quotes and examples that you can start using the very next day.

“If you’re getting ready to pitch your best solutions, but feel a little hesitant, fearful or unsure, then you will absolutely love Sam’s book. The inspiration on these pages is like a personal pep talk from the master of pitching ideas.” – ANDY BRENITS, president of InSource, the association for in-house creative leadership

“If you’re looking to unlock more creativity and share it more successfully, this book is for you!” – JUSTIN AHRENS, author of Life Kerning

“Having worked at and trained in-house agency teams, I know how a creative person can feel at a loss for new ideas. This book offers real-world tactical advice and activities to jolt us into the creative action of not only coming up with ideas, but also how to sell them with passion and commitment.” – ANDY EPSTEIN, author of The Corporate Creative

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