Q: What’s Sam’s focus?
Sam’s mission is to help people expand and express their creativity. He also helps people improve their speaking and presentation skills. He reaches people through his books, articles, talks, workshops,  personal training and coaching.

Q: What are Sam’s speaking and seminar topics?
A: Sam has talks and workshops on finding creative inspiration, creative process, better brainstorming, developing a more creative workspace and culture, making creative choices, selling ideas, polishing pitches, powerful writing and other creativity-related topics.   See Talks for ideas.

Q: Can Sam customize his talks for my goals?
A: Absolutely! He’ll talk with you and/or others in the organization to find out about needs, challenges and culture.  He then links his message to your group’s goals, challenges and circumstances.

Q: What other services does Sam offer?
A: See Other Services

Q: What makes Sam’s creativity-related talks and workshops different from those of other speakers?
A: Many speakers have a purely academic or consulting background and call themselves “creativity” or “design-thinker” speakers after taking a weekend workshop.

Unlike those speakers, Sam has successfully immersed himself in creativity and ideas throughout his career.  He’s been on the creative agency and freelance side, the client and corporate side and, most recently, on the academic and coaching side. Sam has more than 20 years of experience in brand communications, integrated marketing, creative writing and generating ideas — so he shares real-life examples and real-world solutions.

Q: What makes Sam’s presentation-skills talks, workshops and coaching different from those of other speakers?
There are lots of public-speaking coaches and speakers, but very few of them have a background in product development, branding, marketing or other creative communications.

Sam has presented hundreds of ideas, products and concepts to clients, bosses and other decision makers — so he can relate to the challenges and opportunities faced by designers, writers, creative directors, marketers, PR people, account reps and other creative folks. And creative people easily embrace his examples, advice and suggestions.

Sam has also given hundreds of highly rated talks and workshops to large and small audiences at agencies and studios, conferences and retreats — so he can expertly share the secrets and techniques of successful public speaking.

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Q: Are his seminars just fun and games?
A: They’re fun and fast-paced, but not kindergarten stuff. His energetic and entertaining sessions are packed with practical advice and techniques participants can start using the very next day in their jobs and personal lives.

Q: What makes Sam’s books different from other books on creativity?
Practically all books on creativity have valuable gems of information, but too many authors bury those nuggets in hundreds of pages and tons of gab. Zing!, IdeaSpotting and IdeaSelling get right to the point – perfect for creative people in an on-the-go world.

Q: Are they those put-on-funny-hats-and-cut-out-paper-dolls books?
Nope. But they’re also not serious tomes that try turning creativity into academic thesis. Sam’s books are fun, but not silly – great for people looking for quick inspiration and creative guidance.

Q: How do I find out about fees and availability for Sam’s talks and workshops, training and coaching?
A: Call 770.908.2225 or email us today.