Sam Harrison has done an admirable job of breaking down the process of thinking and generating ideas into digestible, achievable actions you can take every day.

Keith Yamashita,
Principal Stone Yamashita Partners

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Discover great ideas – before your deadline.
Use this five-step creative process to find big ideas sizzling with zing. And deliver those ideas on time.  This 156-page guide will help that happen for you again and again.  From zero to zing in five steps.

In the tradition of classics like ‘Whack on the Side of the Head,’ Zing! is not only a fun, easy and interesting read, but if you’re in a creative field and dependent on keeping the idea-generating fires stoked, it’s just the ‘break-glass-in-case-of-mind-block’ tool you need.

Peter Bowerman, Author of The Well-Fed Writer

Some books zigzag. This book zings.
Many books on creativity hide their nuggets of wisdom in hundreds of fluff-filled pages. Zing! gets right to the point. Powerful, single-page messages offer:

• five action steps for creativity with zing
• fast examples of creative triumphs
• rejuvenating quotes from creative gurus
• real-life tips and hands-on tools

Read straight through or use the one-page messages as daily jump-starts.

Included in Zing! are dozens of real-world examples from diverse people in various disciplines – writing, design, photography, painting, sculpture, music, sports, entertainment and general business. Lots of thoughts and stories you’ll relate to, whatever your interests!

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