Three ways to keep your creativity in top shape

August 25, 2016 - 11:44 am

“I’m in no shape to exercise.”

Overhearing this sentence in a coffee shop, I glanced over to see an obese fellow holding a gooey pastry and a drink topped with whipped cream.

He and his buddy laughed, but there was a sad truth in his words. He had let his body fall into a state where exercise would be difficult, maybe dangerous. And so it goes.

This same situation can apply to creativity. If we stop using our imagination, it’ll become flabby and sluggish. We’ll soon be less willing to try new things or seek out new adventures. Creativity will sink into passivity.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three ways to keep your creativity in shape and ready to sprint toward ideas.

1. Do something creative every day.
It’s easy to slip into routines where we do the same old things and rely on the same old solutions.

In your work, make sure you are creating something new — large or small — each and every day. Start a new project. Invent a new process. Go down a different path.

And do this in your personal life as well.  Dream up a recipe. Take a photo. Make something.Write something. Draw something. Challenge your creativity to work up a sweat.

2. Find inspiration every day.
Inspiration is the power food for your creativity. Read a new blog or book. Travel a different way to work. Seek out a new restaurant. Visit a new town. Notice nature. Talk with a stranger. Properly nourish your creativity.

3. Hang out with creative people.
One reason people join gyms is to be around folks with similar goals. It’s easier to work out when surrounded by others who are working out.

Same with creativity. It’s much easier to be creative when we’re around others who cherish ideas, tackle new things and are passionate about life. They inspire us. We inspire them. They support our ideas. We support theirs.

Develop a creative network. And do your part to keep it active.

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