Are you an effective presenter?

February 19, 2016 - 11:43 am

How strong of a presenter are you? Are your speaking skills becoming better, staying the same or getting worse? Here are six ways to assess your speaking abilities and help improve your presentation skills.

1. You understand your audience.

You take time to know the people and the organization — and you align your content to meet their wants, needs and dreams.

2. You practice.

You prepare like a pro. You rehearse alone, but you also practice in front of a friend or video camera to get honest feedback. You never, ever try winging it.

3. Your visuals are clear and uncluttered.

You avoid slides or charts packed with bullet points. Instead, your visuals are a few simple words or images that quickly reinforce what you’re saying.

4. Your presentation flows effortlessly.

You work hard to make it look easy. You stay focused on the theme of your talk and move seamlessly from one point to the next.

5. You connect with your audience.

You talk with your audience members and not at them. You project energy, make eye contact, ask questions and find other ways to engage on a personal level.

6. You offer the best version of yourself.

You’re comfortable with your own personality and style — but you always bring your top game. You’re aware of your posture and body language, making sure you’re not overly casual or unprofessional in the process of being yourself.

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